In the year 2000 I was studying business administration and loved to volunteer in United Nations education and relief projects in the countries of the Middle East. I felt at the time that every day, despite its tiredness and danger, was a passion that my soul wanted ..
I studied with him as professors in the sciences of spirituality, parapsychology and philosophy.
So life was varied between traveling and establishing relief and treatment projects, schools and media institutions.
The first spark was in London when my teachers gave me a broad ground to offer part of my talents in the field of self-development and helping people to see the most beautiful in them and develop it in a way that serves the mission of their souls.
Until life took me to settle in Dubai where family and work .. and to continue studying philosophy / soul sciences / cosmic energy sciences / theology and history of prophets and religions / up to masters in psychology ..
Between Dubai, Beirut and Rome.

In 2020, after years of communicating with people, I realized that there is a lot of harvest, and the land still needs ((workers)) to separate the wheat from the weeds in the harvest seasons ..
So I decided to start over with a wonderful team that combines light and love.

Thanks to the souls of my professors who have read My Soul Book and put me on the first path.

One of my rules in life ;;
Always follow the passion of your soul, that it is the sentiments of the message for which you arrived on this planet which is still teeming with beauty and joy …

Study and qualifications ;;
* Bachelor of Business Administration / Al-Mustansiriya University – Baghdad.
* Bachelor of Philosophy / Theology of Religions / History of Civilizations / Anthropology (Anthropology) / Cosmic Energy Sciences and Physics / University of Urbignana – Italy ..
* Master in Psychology / University of Urbignana – Italy.
* Diploma in etiquette and international protocol / Ain Shams University – Egypt.
* Several diplomas in the fields of spiritual sciences, cosmic energy sciences and quantum physics from the universities of Dubai, Beirut and Rome.

Be with us to advance everything related to human beings Body / soul / spirit / was raised